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Hi Spirit. I would like to talk about money. I have been worrying about it lately. I worry that there is not enough coming in and my bank account balance keeps going down and down. How do I get to a place of knowing that I have enough money? I know there is enough there. I know that all there is exists. I just don’t know how to realize it now in this illusion that I am living. Can you help me with this?

I certainly can. You are correct to say that you are living in an illusion. Let’s take a look at that for a moment. What does it mean to live in an illusion? It means that what you are seeing and what you are experiencing is not real. It is made up. By you. And so, if it is not real, then what is real? Real is all that there is, ever was, and always will be. So, real is all that is. What you are trying to do is experience the part of all that is that is called money. Lots and lots of money. Wonderful, beautiful, rich money. So much money that you have to count the number of zeros behind how much you have. So much money that you would never be able to spend it in this lifetime. So much money that you could never give it all away because it just kept coming faster than you could spend it. That kind of money. Doesn’t that feel good? Wasn’t that fun to think about money in this way? To experience the kind of money you wish to experience, you first have to know that such a thing exists. It is there, waiting for you to experience it. It always has been. And then you need to focus on, and think about, all that money. All the wonderful things you are doing with it. Play with it in your mind until you feel so very good about it. Think about it all the time. Not the lack of it, or how your balance is going down. That doesn’t feel near as good as when you think about all the things you do with it. Train your thoughts to feel good about money, and the good experience of money is what you will realize.

So all I have to do is think about money and that is what will be my experience?

Yes, that is correct. But, remember, it is what you are thinking about money that you will experience. You have lately been thinking, a lot, about how more is going out of your account than what is going in. And that has been your experience. And the more you experience that, the more you experience that. So, if you want to turn your experience about money into something different than what you are currently experiencing, then you must change your thoughts about it, which will change your feelings about it, which will change your experience. It is all about where you are focusing yourself. When you focus on anything, you are telling the Universe that is the part of “all there is” that you want to experience right at that moment. And do you not start experiencing that very thing? When you focus on your bank account and think “my balance is going down”, is that not exactly what you experience? And do you not then have more thoughts about your bank account and money in general, such as “I better slow down my spending, I really don’t have enough money to spend right now, I really can’t do that because it costs too much,” and on and on it goes. If you want to experience MORE money, then you need to focus on MORE money, not less.

So what do I do when I have to go to my bank account to spend money? How do I think about more when there is less in there?

It’s all just an illusion. All of it. Your lack of money, your abundance of money. You really have all of everything that ever was and ever will be. So, it is not a lie to see the balance of your account as plenty of money. As more than enough. As more than you could spend at that moment. You get to choose how you see and feel about anything at any moment. See the good of the moment and build on that. See that you have money in your account. Appreciate all the money in your account. Think about all the things you buy with your money. See how much there really is and what you do with it every day. You have money to spend every day and that is a good thing. See the abundance of the moment and feel good about it. See it the way you want it to be and that is what you will experience. When you think you don’t have enough, see what you do have and see what you have done with it. You do have enough and you always have. The more you do with what you have, the more you will have to do what you want. Try it and see how you go.

I will. That was a really good conversation. I am excited right now about thinking about all the good things about money. Thank you for helping me with this. I feel so much better knowing in my mind how to change my thoughts about money. I am actually excited about doing this. I have to go now, I have so much money to spend.

PS. I just collected my mail today and found a check in there for $2,900. I, of course, BURST OUT LAUGHING! How fun is that?!

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